Posted by Rhonda Temple

Why start this creative/business venture with designing dresses?  Two reasons: they’re easy and I’m lazy.You put on a dress, you’re done.  Add accessories and shoes, and that’s it. Not much thinking involved. The not-much-thinking part leads right into the “I’m lazy” issue. I like to look put together, but I don’t want to spend time putting anything together. One or two pieces of wardrobe is all I need. I’ve also discovered that I can have on the most casual of dresses and someone will remark, “Oh, you’re so dressed up!” Actually, thank you, but I’m not. I’m lazy. Dresses also work in that, when they are made from the right material, they can be a bit more forgiving than pants. As women, our degree of “puffiness” can be in a continual state of flux, and sometimes dresses just suit our girly-ness better. Don’t get me wrong; I love my jeans. I love that jeans can go casual or dressy. I love that the smart jean designers have included that amazing stretch fabric. In fact, my wardrobe is basically dresses and jeans and not much else. Finding slacks that are washable and not dry-clean-only can be a challenge. When I do find what I like and it fits, I tend to get it in every color. So right now it’s dresses, Lucky Jeans, and Limited exact stretch slacks that make up my wardrobe. Yoga pants? Only at home when no one is around. They are quite possibly the most comfortable thing ever. And I have to admit they are so much cuter than the sweat pants we wore back in the day. But my yoga pants will not be out there for public viewing. Nobody wants to see this grandma like that, but they’re awesome. I do cycle, and the clothes for that are a whole other blog I’ll have to write one day. Padded-in-the-butt spandex pants? Of course I do wear those in public, but I’m on a bike pedaling; it’s different. Like I said, whole other blog.

 “My yoga pants will not be out there for public viewing. Nobody wants to see this grandma like that, but they’re awesome.”

Over the last several years, I’ve also learned to rely on a great alterations person. Most clothing can be altered to fit a bit better. It is adding to your expense, but I’ve found when I’m happy with the fit I wear the garment to death and don’t buy other things. I’ve even taken a swimsuit to my alterations lady. Next best thing to a great husband is a great hair dresser, and next to those, a great alterations person. Mine? I love her; she tells me I look thin.

It’s funny to me that I’m starting with dresses because I’m not crazy about my legs. I’m thankful that I have, shall I say, strong legs. It’s taken many years for me to learn to stop complaining about my legs. One would think a person like me would hardly ever wear a dress, yet I love them. So, here’s my mom/grandma lesson that I hope others learn earlier than I did. Just stop complaining. You are who and what you are. If you want to work on it, I encourage it. If you want it better, make the effort. But if you just complain, that wears on everyone and steals emotion and time from you that you’ll never get back. Find what suits you and your lifestyle, get it fitted, and buy more just like it. There are items in your closet that make you feel attractive and confident; go with those.  And once in awhile, wear yoga pants.