Posted by Rhonda Temple

I realize there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on in our world at this particular time but, what about my pants?  My favorite pants that I have bought over the last few years that I dearly love and that I have in almost every color and two pairs in black.  This is a selfish, what about my need thing.  The Limited is where I bought many pairs of Exact Stretch, skinny pants.  I love them.  I treat them nice.  I wash on delicate and hang to dry.  Sadly, The Limited has closed.  There are rumors that they may appear back online which would help greatly with my pants issue.  I’m sad for the company and the many people that lost jobs but really, what about my pants?  

One day I was really grumpy.  I couldn’t even figure out why.  I was just kind of snippy and growlie.  It occurred to me about half way through the day that the pants I had on were driving me crazy.  They were not Exact Stretch magical pants.  So, I changed my pants.  Magically my day became so much better.  It’s a bit sad but true that a change of my pants changed my mood, my outlook and who knows what else.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all of life’s issues were made better by a change of pants.

Anyway, I’m so sorry for The Limited and many other stores closing and I hope they are able to keep an online presence and all that but really, what about my pants?