Posted by Rhonda Temple

Olive dress

It's a little confusing.  The Olive dress comes in purple or black, not green. Perhaps I should have thought that through a bit more and probably in the future there will be a "Green Olive" dress.  Color wasn't on my mind when I named the dress.  A little person was on my mind and of course her name is Olive.  She is my fourth and youngest granddaughter.  She makes silly magical faces with voices to match.  She is very smart and cute and loves to sing.  I took her to story time one day at the library that is near her house. During the story she was somewhat interested but when the teacher started singing she not only paid attention but left where we were seated and stood next to the teacher and sang as loud as she could.  It's so fun when you recognize in little people what speaks to them.

While shopping on Ebay one day for vintage dresses I found what became the further inspiration for the Olive dress.  The dress is cute but I wanted to have sleeves and most importantly, fabric with a little give.  We are all so spoiled to stretch in our clothing and we like it. I was quickly reminded of that when I was climbing up into my SUV and I  heard a pop.  The dress isn't too snug but there's just not give and I popped a button from stepping up.  So there another reason for stretchy fabric other than usual girl fluctuations.  

All this to say.......The Olive Dress which isn't green is cute as a button and pretty, just like it's namesake.