Posted by Rhonda Temple

Jenn, the project manager from Indie Source, on my right and Lana, the pattern maker, on my left.  By process of elimination, I’m in the center.

I actually don’t like to spend much time thinking about what I’m going to wear. I’m not obsessed with fashion. I like simple. A few years back, when I grew frustrated that stores didn’t have the physical manifestation of the picture in my brain, was when it got complicated for me. And that was the problem, because, as I said, I like simple. Simple in a good way. Life has a lot going on and more importantly, lots of people in it; spending important minutes thinking about what I’m going to wear doesn’t seem like the best use of my time. But surprisingly, the stores didn’t cater to my simple, classic whims. I knew that if I could find one or two styles of dresses that I liked, I would buy them in every color; I have a habit of doing that. When I found the Lucky Brand Sweet and Straight or Sweet style jean, I bought a few pairs. I like Exact stretch pants from The Limited and I have almost every shade. They fit, they’re comfortable, and they look nice whether dressed up or down. Simple. A couple of times I even found dressmakers, and that went pretty well. One young lady that owned an alterations shop in my city made me three dresses. I bought the fabric I wanted, took in a pattern as a jumping-off point, and she did an excellent job. She wasn’t even expensive!  Unfortunately, she moved away, far away. Vietnam-far away.   

They have read my mind, listened to my ramblings, worked their magic, and three garments have been produced.

So fast forward to current day. I’m going to try on the samples that Indie Source has done of three dresses.  Dresses that, without sewing or sketching from me, have come to life. They have read my mind, listened to my ramblings, worked their magic, and three garments have been produced.  What if they are nowhere close to what I have imagined?  What if I arrive at our appointment and they tell me, “Sorry, your ideas are just too lame; we’re not working with you”?  What if...oh, I can just “what if” myself into a frenzy.

Lana from Indie Source warned me a few times that this is a process and the fit won’t be all the way there yet. One of the dresses might be tight.  You know what my response was: “So, you’re saying I’m fat.”  I laughed.  My what-ifs were actually pretty negative and doubtful. However, we had gotten further into this process and I was anxious to see if they had captured what I was imagining. Lana asked, “Did you bring heels? These will look much better with heels.”  I actually hadn’t brought any type of heel, not even a wedge, which is unusual for me. No problem; Rebecca from Indie Source pulled off her really, really cute grey suede heeled boots that were my size and I began trying things on. What a BLAST!!!!!  The sizes were not one hundred percent accurate, but both the essence and style of what I’d pictured were there. Funny; these professionals actually knew what they are doing. I tried the Grace Dress on first because it’s red; what other reason did I need?