Posted by Rhonda Temple

An interesting thing happened along the way to designing fashion for one particular market. I was targeting the 45 and up market. One day while at Indie Source as I was trying on a sample of one of my designs Lana the pattern matter leans in close and whispers, don’t market these to just one age group.  She continued, you need to sell these to all ages, don’t limit yourself.  Hmmmm…..ok, I’m open.

Soon as the dresses became a reality and people started trying them on, I realized what Lana was telling me.  Classic knows no age. It’s more about, is this what you like rather than how old you are.  As I look back throughout my own life classic, tailored pieces are what have always caught my eye.  My barbie clothes, magazines with Jackie O on the cover or that red dress in  my mom’s closet. That same style has been with me since I was a child.  I really didn’t like ruffled, scratchy poofy dresses.  Sometimes they made me grumpy enough to cry.  All that to say, stick to what you like.

My Rohonda “team” consists of a few women in their early 30’s.  They bring a whole different look and feel to the dresses than of course I do.  But, it works.  They are the ones who have reminded me that classic is classic and has no boundaries with age.  Are my designs things that the younger ladies will wear to the club?  Of course not.  They do work however for the job interview, the workplace and even meeting his parents!

The picture I’ve included with this blog is a behind the scenes look at one of our photo shoots.  I love working with young ladies because that means I don’t have to pose. It’s not something that I truly enjoy.  I like doing video, but not posing for still shots.  It’s funny that I’m the one wearing the coat as I was the only one not cold.  I haven’t been cold since I was 48.  The coat belonged to one of the models and I was “holding” it for her.  I also love it when a Rohonda dress just works, no matter your age.