Posted by Rhonda Temple

Black ruby designer dress by Rohonda

I’ve learned so much this past year!  Creating fashion has been a fascinating experience. The best part to me is the meeting of new people. One such “new” people person is Amy Asaturyn.  Amy is a fashion blogger and Instagrammer.  You can follow her at or on Instagram @doodles_and_dresses.

We were in LA a few weeks ago and Amy and I had already connected through social media.  An appointment that we were suppose to have changed so I got a hold of Amy and told her we were in town just in case she had any time that evening.  She did!  Turns out she was only about a half mile away from where we were so we met up.  She couldn’t have been more kind and sharing.  She gave us great fashion-social-media-info and other insights.  She had also graciously offered to blog and photograph one of my dresses.  After trying on the designs and giving us our own private fashion show right in the coffee shop that we met at, we had a winner.  She looked stunning in the Ruby dress in black.

I’m thrilled that Amy liked the dress.  I’m thrilled that she chose to blog about it and pass on to me wonderful photos.  But I’m mostly thrilled that I met a new person.  An interesting, intelligent, lovely young woman that I hope to share more time with and have many more conversations while having coffee and maybe something chocolate!