Posted by Rhonda Temple

The presence of Ruby is much larger than her little physical self.  Her heart is huge and her personality is that of several rolled all into one.

Ruby arrived somewhat surprisingly and miraculously after quite a time of loss. Her parents weren't too sure there would be a Ruby but then.....there was.  Her entrance into this world was met with so much love and fanfare and deep thankfulness. The wait for her, worth it.  Ruby does not like to be left out, and why would we want to ever leave her out?  She brings the fun, the excitement and the song.  She sings, most all the time. It's somehow fitting that one of her most favorite songs is Roar by Katy Perry.  Ruby's personality roars.  She throws her little arms tightly around your neck and smacks you right on the lips and tells you she loves you to the moon and back.  

Oh Ruby from your incredible ability of encouragement that you offer to everyone, your jokes, your talent of convincing me that chocolate is good for your body and that spot of the back of your arm that is made of marshmallow cream, my dear Rublicious you are delicious!