Posted by Rhonda Temple

From the first second that I saw my Fierce 50 partner’s blog and Instagram title,” NOT Dead Yet Style”, I knew I’d like her.  A fun title that makes a bold statement in a creative way.  In other words, you can’t forget about women over a certain age. We are vital, smart, relaxed, beautiful, experienced at all kinds of life stuff, sifted through the unimportant and all of us still matter.  From a few emails, reading through Patti’s blog and then asking some questions I gathered a list of “NOTS”. That may sound negative, but quite the contrary, it’s NOT!

Relationships... NOT clothes
People are always more important than clothes

The best part of Patti’s blog which she started five years ago has been the great friendships she has formed with fellow bloggers.  The hourly time commitment per day was a surprise but connecting with and forming a wonderful sisterhood among bloggers makes it all worthwhile.  Patti knows that these friendships that have started as a result of fashion blogging will continue even if the blogging does not.

While she shares pictures and fashion tips she takes time to also share gratitude and encourages her readers to do the same.  Life lessons are always mixed in with fashion.  Readers are also invited to be a part of Visible Monday.  Readers can send a picture highlighting an outfit, accessory, makeup, hairstyle, etc.. She places no restrictions just asks for everyone to share their beauty.


Experienced at life... NOT aging
That’s what aging is, after all – experience at living

Patti emphasizes that being grateful is what makes her more happy.  To remind herself and her readers that we often take normal everyday things in life for granted.  With life experience, she reminds herself to do less of that.  To be happy each day about the uncomplicated things and to learn and practice ways to make life simpler.

After leaving the corporate world in her 30’s Patti discovered the freedom of dressing however she likes.  Rules of fashion?  Not really a thought at this point because she has found out and discovered what works for her and where she’s most comfortable.  Rules, they’re forgotten but here is a great list of Patti do’s

  • Our style reflects who we are more closely — because we know who we are, more confidently each year
  • We take the time and make the effort to take good care of ourselves. If budgets allow, we get massages and pedicures. If not, at least we know how to turn down the noise and take a long, fragrant bath.
  • We’ve learned how to accept, style and work with our hair, to its best advantage. No more straightenings for me, or setting my hair on juice cans
  • We are not so self-conscious in our clothes as we once were. We get dressed, have a We don’t doubt ourselves as we select our wardrobes, so we are more sure of our choices.
  • One good look in the mirror, add or subtract a piece and go about our day. Because . . . We know what works
Trying it all... NOT giving up
Stay fabulous, and don’t give up

All great things in life like staying happily married, changing careers at 40, going back to grad school and even singing lessons take commitment, determination and practice. Whether it was in the corporate world or while she was a practicing psychotherapist at a community mental health center, fashion blogging, cat rescuer or as a singer, Patti’s life adventures continue.  Nothing comes without effort and hanging in there. As she reminds us, don’t give up just because you suck right now!

Maturity has brought bold adventures, more discoveries, deeper friendships and most of all reveling in life.  If current Patti could give advice to younger Patti she would have said, don’t worry so much, you’re fabulous!  Would she have listened? Probably NOT.

Though pressured by society to recede gracefully, I prefer to burst out with a love of fashion and style. We are not dead yet, so let’s enjoy every sandwich and gild the lilies.