Posted by Rhonda Temple

I was invited so speak at a Fashion/Merchandising class at a community college in my city. My friend is the instructor of the class and asked if I would come and share my experience. I love doing that sort of thing so of course  my answer was yes. I even got my very own STAFF temporary parking pass.  I didn't quite make it into the staff lounge, but the parking lot has got to be the next best thing.

Other than just enjoying fashion I really don't have a fashion background. But what I felt I could bring most to the students in the class were my wins and mistakes, what I've learned this far and where I'm headed.  Mostly, I wanted to encourage.  I wanted to tell these young creatives to pursue their passion and find that thing that makes it all tick in their heart, soul and mind and move on it. The only question that I sort of dreaded getting (and was asked) was how much had it cost to fund this venture.  I prefaced my answer by reminding them that I was in a complete different chapter of life than they are.  If I were sitting where they are and heard someone like me telling them what I had invested, they might just give up.  I'm not an independently wealthy person but was able to fund this adventure.  I encouraged them to start where they are.  They are schooled in making their own patterns and sewing and pretty much experts at social media. I reminded them to start right there.  The main point I expressed was that nothing happens over night.  At my age you really understand that and hold on for the ride.  You work hard during the ride but you just know that that's what it entails.  Did they hear that part? Would I have at their age?

As the questions wrapped up and my time was coming to a close,  I felt so encouraged by them.  I do my best to learn from so many in my life no matter which generation they are in.  People all around me have knowledge and experience that I can learn from.  As I was packing up one young lady commented that she was beginning to think that what she wanted to design wouldn't work because it wasn't like everyone else.  With a big smile she told me she felt re-inspired! Yay!