Posted by Rhonda Temple

Just so you know, I will make any and every excuse to avoid cleaning out my closet.  Even though the sliding doors are jammed because of stuff on the floor, I still make excuses. In my estimation, there’s always something else more important than cleaning or organizing my closet. One day, I was on my way to the dentist for some dental work that was somewhat extensive, and my thought was, “Oh, guess I can’t clean that closet today.” However, I can find the silver lining:  because my closet doors don’t open to their full capacity, I have everything I need within a couple feet of space.  On one end of the closet I have about two workable feet of area, and same for the other end.  Not quite sure what’s in the middle, and furthermore, I don’t need it. It has occurred to me that with mixing and matching, we really wear about the same eight or nine things over and over. Or at least I do. I’m just better with simplicity. Other areas of life aren’t quite as simple, so what I wear shouldn’t be complicated.


Two "end" views of my closet.  What's in the middle, who knows?

The four patterns of Rohonda dresses sum up my need of a dress for any occasion or season. With a change of fabric or detail these patterns work for me and hopefully, for some of you.  I love streamlined wardrobe thinking. Call it lazy, unimaginative or a longing for the Geranimal method of building outfits; it works!  When I first began to show friends sketches and samples of the dresses they mostly remarked, “Oh that’s so you.”  My answer: That’s all I’ve got!  

In full disclosure, I did actually get around to cleaning out my closet. The doors freely slide back and forth now, and I collected a huge pile of items that I was able to donate. It was liberating. Must be something to this organizing stuff!  Actually, I should make one more pass and take out even more pieces. But I can’t today, because I’m taking the grandkids to the zoo; the closet will just have to wait. One little piece of unsolicited advice: WHENEVER you have a choice between cleaning out your closet or spending time with people, always, always, always choose the time with people!!  Now, what to wear to the zoo...