Posted by Rhonda Temple

The Ruby Dress by Rohonda, a great piece for your capsule wardrobe.

There's a lot of talk right now about capsule wardrobe.  When I started reading articles and blogs about this concept it fit in my brain rather well.  I guess I have a capsule mindset and didn't even realize.  At least now there's a name to how my brain functions. The idea being that with minimal articles of clothing you can create a lovely wardrobe.  No clutter or complication.  That's how I prefer my brain, my life and even my wardrobe, uncluttered and uncomplicated.  It's not always attainable but a worthy goal of how to live your life. It's probably a great time to mention that the Ruby dress by Rohonda is a great piece for your capsule wardrobe. Classic, comfortable and capsule worthy. 

The capsule wardrobe theory also fits my disdain of cleaning out my closet.  As I have mentioned before, I really don't like cleaning out my closet.  I make every excuse possible to not clean my closet.  There have been times when my sliding closet doors wouldn't even open all the way because of things on the floor.  So two feet of clothing on each end of the closet was all I had immediate access to.  Guess what, it worked.  I had plenty to wear.  Ta-Dah, capsule wardrobe!