Posted by Rhonda Temple

We (by we, I mean my husband George and I) started researching how to make these dress dreams come true, and so began our journey into the world of fashion design. Truthfully, I knew nothing. I love to look at fabric and touch it, but I don’t know anything about it. I only know if I like it or not. If it’s red, I’m gonna like it.  As we started this adventure,I realized that there were two major problems:

  1. I can’t sew. I actually failed it in high school.  My mom gave me that understanding talk of “well, you’re good at other things.”      

  1. I can’t sketch. Remember, stick figures present a huge challenge to me.

But upon George’s nudging or rather, shoving, we proceeded.  As with anything new in life, I started to learn different terminology. Words like sourcing, tech pack, blends, and runs began to be a part of our conversation. Still, I didn’t know much. George and I found a company in downtown L.A., Indie Source, that walks you through the entire process. They asked for samples, fabric, and ideas. So, I put together a notebook and pulled a couple of dresses from my closet that had features I really liked, and off to our first meeting we went. Was I intimidated? Big time. Being in front of crowds in a theater-like setting is not a problem, doing on-camera work, no problem, but for me, this was a problem.  The fashion industry is young and hip and cool, all the things which I am not. We first met our project manager, Jenn, who asked questions to get an idea of what I was hoping to create. Next, we met the sourcing specialist, Nara.  As we sat around a large table in a very large, lofty office creative space, something incredible happened: I began to have fun.

The fashion industry is young and hip and cool, all the things which I am not.

They asked me several questions and took notes.  Next they brought in Lana, the pattern maker.  Lana and I bonded immediately when we discovered we had the same iPhone cover.  I mentioned I would like fabric that looked like that cover. Then she said the magical words, “Oh, you mean the Jackie O look.” The ladies at the table all seemed excited about this venture.  As ideas and thoughts flowed, it just became more and more fun.  A bit later the business guy came in to discuss business stuff with George, and I (kind of) listened.  Do I understand it? Yes, I do, but I would much rather do the creative stuff.  We settled on three different styles of dresses, all fitted, classic looks, my favorite! I decided on the perfect names for these dresses: The Ruby Dress, The Grace Dress, and The Lucy Dress. Those are three of my granddaughters, and there is a fourth one, Olive, so at some point there will have to be a fourth dress!  Or, perhaps I might do a purse and name it after her.  The name won’t necessarily reflect the color, but will be little and cute, just like her.    

Inside Indie Source with Jenn, Nara and Lana.  I’m the one talking with my hands. Yes it’s necessary.

As our time came to a close and we each had our assignments for our next meeting, Jenn made the remark, “My mom would love this!”  And that’s exactly what I hope to hear from many.

I head back to L.A. in a couple of weeks to look over fabric that Nara has selected.  I’ll keep you posted...